Recruitment & selection method

Search and selection method in 6 steps

1.    Defining the job description 
2.    Defining the personal profile
3.    Search and selection of candidates
4.    Interview with the candidates
5.    Present the candidates to the client
6.    Coaching the trajectory and aftercare

Re 1. Defining the job description 
In concertation with the client we find an agreement on the following criteria: education, age, work experience and competence. 

Re 2. Defining the personal profile
In concertation with the manager the so called soft criteria will be stated. So we know which characteristics and core qualities are desired in a potential candidate.

Re 3 and 4. Search and selection of candidates
Match2Win has excellent search and headhunting facilities. Not only we have an own up-to-date database that contains middle and higher class candidates, we also draw upon social media recourses to find the ideal candidate. Because Match2Win has a broad network and several recourses can be used, only the best candidates make it through our selection. 
On a daily basis we speak with high potentials to broaden our database. By placing ads on relevant websites and social media, we are able to communicate constantly within the market. Match2win has built a big network, that in the meantime has grown far beyond the pharmaceutical market only. We make sure every search is executed with care and discretion. 

Re 4. Interview with the candidates
An interview held by Match2Win is based on testing the competence and abilities that are present. The made observations and the outcome of the interview are recorded in a ‘Person description’. This elaborate and careful way of selection leads to uniformity in the review of the quality of the candidates by the consultants. Candidates get a fair and well explained feedback of the conversations that are held with Match2Win and their potential employer.  

Re 5. Present the candidates to the client
The client receives of each presented candidate a Curriculum Vitae, added with a person description made by the interviewer. 

Re 6. Coaching the trajectory and aftercare
Match2Win will handle the communication and coaching of the client and candidate with care throughout the whole procedure (start of the job interview until the employment of the candidate). This is done by Match2Win through open and transparent communication. Even after the successful mediation we stay in touch with both parties.