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Match2Win is your partner in bringing together high qualified personnel in the healthcare industry for middle and high segment.

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Why Match2Win

Search and selection is a ‘peoples business’.
Quality, synergy and personal care is what matters.

Finding the ideal job for you!

Match2Win gets you in touch with companies that fit your work experience, ambitions and personality

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We make the perfect match between companies and highly qualified personnel in the healthcare industry. This is done by our unique and involved approach.

Match2Wins’ strength lies in the ability to connect and goes on where others don’t. We bring expertise and professionalism that enable us to enact on the everchanging market and know what is going on.

Since Match2Win understands that as well companies as humans change constantly, we invest in more than just search and selection. We value development and broadening our knowledge so that we are able to offer secondary services.

Match2Win equals quality, synergy and personal care. We offer this to our clients and candidates which enables us not only to find the right match, but also gives us space for extra attention and after care.

We work with the idea that candidates and companies should be brought together based on culture and ambitions. Match2Win always works proactively and tries to find an ideal candidate for the job in a personal and creative manner.

Match2Win specializes in filling in jobs within the Healthcare landscape. We work together with companies in the pharmaceutical, medical, (bio)technical industry and related companies or institutes. Because we crawl in the skin of client and candidate, we’re able to successfully mediate between those two.

Ons Team

Silvia van Hoof

van Hoof

Owner / Senior Consultant
Marlijn van der Meijden

van der Meijden

Project manager / Junior Consultant
Florence Brugmans


Frank van Hoof

van Hoof

Support & ICT